What We Do

If combatting homelessness requires doing more with less, providing homelessness relief efforts with a faster way to get out there and help more individuals while simultaneously focusing on less data can go a long way. By sorting through thousands of lines of data in a matter of seconds, the Morality Machine fills the crucial role of ranking homeless individuals by immediacy of need; the sooner someone needs help, the higher they will be listed, and the faster they will receive aid.

Why We Do It

Although unaltered spreadsheets of pure data may not be the easiest thing for the general public to read, a simplified and prioritized list that answers the question “who can I help?” is understandable by anyone. And that’s our goal: through the Morality Machine, more people can help. More people can get help.

How We Do It

We used a complex mathematical algorithem to work out what people need the most help, our algorithem categorizes people by how many Morality Points they earn, Morality Points are earned by seeing different variables about the person. Our algorithem checks for the age of the person, how long they have been homeless, pragnancy and millitairy time. Based on that information, it calculates who is in most need.

Morality Machine

Try our revolutionary service that gives you the ability to decide who is in most need in your community. Help us support the people with most need and spread the word about our service.
Any help is appriciated.

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